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Client Solutions - Businesses
Client Solutions - Businesses
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  • $39.95 one year license for one person.
  • $59.95 two year license for one person.
  • Please call 561-889-6585 or email john@jbedtech.com about quantity discounts.

General Information

  • We believe that everyone will benefit from better reading and information processing skills and that RPS provides the best opportunity to make this happen.
  • RPS represents a new paradigm for reading instruction and practice based on the latest brain research.
  • Two-thirds of the population does not have natural access to many brain functions required during the reading process. As a result, most people struggle to keep up with their reading requirements.
  • Brain functions are hierarchical. Perceptual pathways depend on the accurate processing of preceding information. Poor motor skills affect sensory skills and poor sensory skills affect cognitive skills.
  • RPS is scientifically designed to increase access to the motor, sensory, and cognitive skills required during the reading process.
  • RPS provides exercises for the development and practice of foundational reading skills to strengthen neural pathways to maximize individual reading performance.
  • RPS provides strategies for maximizing reading performance for the many kinds of real-world reading we do.
  • RPS is an online application so there is no software to install. Updates are automatic and ready the next time you log in.

Money Savings & ROI

  • Let's say you run a medium size technology business with a President (you), a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a Chief Operating Officer (COO), a Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMSO). Each Chief has 2 Managers (8 managers), and each Manager has 10 employees (80 employees). Let's assume the President makes $200,000, the Chiefs make $120,000, the managers make $60,000, and the employees make $40,000 each. If the upper management each looks at information 3 hours per day, the managers 2 hour per day, and the employees 1 hour per day, 5 days per week for 50 weeks per year, you are paying approximately $275,000 per year to look at information. Assuming you can double the rate of information absorption using RPS, you will save approximately $137,500 per year. That is an incredible Return on Investment (ROI) on your investment in RPS.
  • Now, consider the value of finding better ideas among the thousands of pages of information you may have to sift through. How much is one good idea worth to your bottom line?


  • Entrepreneurs are jacks of all trades. They have to know how to do every aspect of business. To survive, they have to constantly research the latest technology and markets.


  • Executives spend a lot of time reading or looking at information. If you don't keep up, you could lose your competitive advantage. Bill Gates was once asked, If you were a superhero, what superpower would you want? He answered, "I would be able to read faster." In any industry, but especially in technology and information businesses, knowledge is king.


  • Managers read a lot. They have to keep up on the latest techniques to stay competitive. Being able to absorb more information keeps you competitive.


  • In today's information intensive world, every job requires some amount of reading, whether you are a tech in a manufacturing plant reading a procedure or in tech support helping customers, you are going to have to look at a lot of information.


  • "I was starting a new business and I was overwhelmed with the amount information I had to read to develop my product and get ready for my launch. I started using RPS and it helped me get through the thousands and thousands of pages of information I had to read. Since I was developing a new product, I not only had to learn the science behind the technology, but I also had to understand what the competition was doing. I wouldn't have been able to do all this without RPS. Even though I paid for RPS, I am forever indebted to you."
    - Ben M., Entrepreneur
  • "I found that when I was doing the RPS exercises I was practicing the kinds of skills I do in my real reading, which are different than the kinds of skills I was taught in school.  Most of the reading I do now is finding useful information for my business, not reading novels and plays.  Sorry Mrs. Lyons."
    - Chris M., Professional Photographer
  • "I am the International IT Manager for a well-known US bank. I spend as much as 50% of my time reading and researching.  After using RPS for several weeks, I can cover 2-3 times as much information in the same amount of time.  This makes me much more productive and increases my creativity in finding viable solutions."
    - Remy M., International IT Manager
  • "I do a lot of copy editing in my work.  I used RPS for several weeks and started noticing that editing was becoming much eaiser.  It was easier to find the places that needed editing and it was easier for me to visualize better ways to rewrite sentences and paragraphs.  This was an unexpected result of using RPS."
    - Marie G., Owner, MG3 Media - Marketing and Communications
  • "The first time I used the RPS Column Exercise it made my eyes feel funny and it gave me a headache so I stopped using it for several weeks even though I knew this just meant I really needed to use it more.  I eventually started using it again and after struggling for a while, it started becoming easier and easier.  Now, I can easily read an entire book in a couple of hours using RPS exercises to pace my reading. ;-)"
    - Bridget R., Real Estate Agent